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Our newest guest blogger, Priyanka Bose, offers stories and insights from the perspective of an Edinburgh student currently setting up a business. She’s got an exciting path ahead and we’re delighted to have her onboard.


How do you turn an idea into a reality? How do entrepreneurs even come up with ideas?  How are companies born? Well, this is how I did it.

I was unemployed, the first summer after my freshman year of university, and I couldn’t get a job, anywhere. That’s how it came to me, sitting at my computer one hot, dry day in July, responding to messages on Facebook. It was one message in particular, from a friend in California that really struck out to me. She wanted to know about the application process to universities in the U.K., and I remember thinking, “if only I could turn this into a job?” Well, why not? And that’s when (more…)

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