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As a startup you have a million things to think about, and unless you’re offering bungee jumping or fire eating lessons, insurance is probably not top of the list. As much as we love a living-on-the-edge lifestyle, we thought it might be helpful to get the scoop on insurance and hear what’s relevant – and not relevant – to rock ‘n roll startup life. Thanks very much to Emma Jowett, resident writer at Policy Expert, for putting this together in response to all our questions! We tried to sing this to the tune of “12 Days of Christmas” but alas… you’re better off reading it here. We hope it helps!

1. Kitchen table kick off
2. The wheel deal
3. Look after number 1
4. Connect and Protect
5. What could go wrong?
6. Well hello clients!
7. Team building
——  (more…)

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