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If we gave you £500 today, could you turn that into £5000 in four months? A cool entrepreneurial fundraiser from Fairbridge asks just that, and lets teams take the organisation’s money to (hopefully) add a zero to the end.

While you’re perhaps already busy playing this game with your own bank account, or an investor’s, I thought this sounded like a great challenge for friends/partners/siblings who could use a bit more excitement at work [update: students too!]. It’s open to teams of 8-12 people, so it should be good fun and sign-ups are now open – email gill.levy@fairbridge.org.uk. I’ve included the Zero to Hero flyer here for full details, so pass on some startup spirit and tell your corporate friends/partners/siblings to get involved.

If you have any wacky ideas of what to do with the money, but are lacking the time yourself, feel free to contribute thoughts below! (more…)

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