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Plus an ipod sock, unbelievable deal!We’ve been highly amused by the responses to our last competition, so thanks very much for your thoughtful rants on technologies you’d like to destroy.

There are several we’d love to follow through with!

Our winner this time is Tim Barlow, who submitted the following:

The fax machine. Or at least those that insist on it being more legally binding than an e-mail.

Has always struck me as strange as the company I am forced to send most faxes to is non other than Google.

An honourable mention for the modem. A device that sits in the corner making scushing noises as the only way to get online is bound to make a fine museum piece in due course.

The fax machine and Google irony there was just too laughable! We’ll allow it to have existed up until now, but let’s destroy it asap.

We also really appreciated Kevin’s well-argued submission about (more…)

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