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Hey guys, lots of gossip from yesterday as we’ve been keeping busy! Thanks so much for all the tweets back to us, it’s been really good to hear from you along the way. Our shout outs go to Chris and Andrew of Tiziano Project, Alexis and Dave of Hipmunk, Mona of Apture, and many more… In this podcast trio, we cover our panel adventures, a meetup of cool entrepreneurial women, and the UK Trade & Investment BBQ full of friendly faces.

Our nightlife continued with am amazing storytelling event – Fray Cafe, followed by the Search Party (thanks Hipmunk, Blekko, Chomp!), meeting the Guardian team while in line for tacos, my first double cheeseburger, new friends at 2am, and staying up to watch the sunrise… well ok, one of us was more sensible…

Audioboo: Sxsw day 5 part 1 http://boo.fm/b302613

Audioboo: Sxsw day 5 part 2 http://boo.fm/b302623

Audioboo: Sxsw day 5 part 3 http://boo.fm/b302636


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