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Julius Gunnemann is an aspiring entrepreneur, about to start his 3rd year of university studies in Edinburgh. Having completed the International Baccalaureate in Germany, Julius envisioned a platform of video knowledge focused on helping IB students around the world. Our 60-second interview focuses on what IB Your Tutor aims to achieve and how Julius brought the concept to life.


Could you briefly describe what IB Your Tutor is about to our readers?

http://www.ib-your-tutor.com is first and foremost the largest IB video library worldwide. In 8-12 minute short study videos that cover topics of the IB along the courses’ syllabi, IB alumni explain what they knew and what they wish they had known for their exams – in a an easy-to-remember way. We want to tell our students about IB specific tips and solve hard problems from past papers. But we also want to provide them with hundreds of tests, past papers and an answer service to make the learning experience more efficient.


How did you came up with this idea?

Sitting in one of my maths classes at my IB school in Germany I realised how difficult it was be to find a tutor who helps clarify missed topics in class. While you probably won’t find someone who can teach you Georg Mendel’s rules of Genetics or how to work through complex differentiations with trig equations – in English – in the South of Germany, you might have the same problems in Marseille, Cancun or Jakarta. 100,000 other IB students all learn along the same syllabi to take identical exams. I wanted to create something that allows anyone to study anywhere in the world. Something to help those who are not as fortunate with their teachers or cannot afford a conventional tutor for 50 pounds per hour to have the same chances as those at top IB schools.


What makes this platform unique? (more…)

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