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May as well call it the “6th October Menu”…

Tuesday 5th October: Logie Baird Awards Launch party, 5:30pm at George Hotel

Throughout early October we will be celebrating the 85th Anniversary of the first television broadcast as well as launching our award winning programme for Scottish innovators in events across Scotland. Join us in Edinburgh on 5th October (see other cities, other dates). Our esteemed winners of 2009 will be on hand to share their fascinating stories as well as the chance to meet this year’s partners and do some excellent networking over some light refreshments. Sign up on the website.

Wednesday 6th October: Scottish Lean Circle, 7:30pm at 39a Grassmarket

The 3rd meeting of the Scottish Lean Circle will be the first of a series ofshow and tell sessions. In these sessions (more…)

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What to do? Where to go?Welcome to StartupCafe’s weekly events menu! This week is incredibly busy – let us know if you’re attending any of the events and we’ll look out for you!

Plus, we’ve got a very special event this Friday – so make sure you read all the way to the bottom!

New Approaches to Leadership for Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs, Managers & CEOs, 31st August, 11-8pm

Run by Professor Fiona Murray, MIT Sloan School of Management and Laura Barker Morse, Managing Director, Entrepreneurship Ventures, Inc. (more…)

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