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This guest blog is brought to you by Jennie Lees, co-founder of Affect Labs, blogger at Trendpreneur, and social media extraordinaire… We’re very excited to get the gossip from her on this exclusive event in San Francisco. Also note that Y Combinator graduate Alex Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, will be speaking tomorrow and Thursday in Edinburgh.

Not to be confused with Doug Richards’ UK-based School for StartupsStartup School is an annual event organised by Paul Graham of Y Combinator, an early stage investment firm in Silicon Valley. This year I was lucky enough to go along – as were 800 other people – to listen to pearls of wisdom dropped from an entrepreneurial A-list.

Paul Graham himself kicked the event off with a talk on what startups are really like – the key lessons being themes that are frequently cropping up in many startups’ lives, from finding the right co-founder (it’s like a marriage) to being surprised at quite how much of an all-consuming rollercoaster startup life becomes. One of his most interesting points was that (more…)

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