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Sorry for being late this week, just been madness, but still a number of cool events to jump into…

Tuesday 15 June: Launch Lab – Intellectual Property: What you need to know!, 9am at Urban Angel (1 Forth St)

The Launch Lab is a weekly session geared toward anyone who owns or is starting their own business. A highly varied group of energetic, intelligent people gather to exchange ideas, share critiques and encouragement, and feed each others’ vitality. Each week features a short talk at the beginning to kick things off, followed by general discussions and networking. This week IP consultant, lawyer, artist, and entrepreneur Hannah Alphey will be giving a talk about IP considerations for start-ups and growing businesses. Can you afford to miss it?

Thursday 17th June: Media140, 6:30pm in Glasgow CCA (350 Sauchiehall Street)

Social media enthusiast or cynic? Whichever camp you find yourself in, it seems that we are all still trying to find ways to use these technologies to grow and develop our organisations. We are questioning how influential and effective social media already is and we are wondering too just how powerful social media may yet become. In Glasgow on 17th June, a team of (more…)

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