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Local help is being offered on applications for Seedcamp, the wildly popular seed investment and incubator programme in London. If you are interested in attending Seedcamp Week in September, then get an application in now for mini Seedcamp in London to earn a spot. The mini precursor event takes place 27th July, and applications are open now until 30th June.

Debating if this is a suitable opportunity for you? Want help on the application? Well I’m delighted to see this offering and call to action from Gordon Guthrie of Hypernumbers, thanks very much Gordon! Tweet @hypernumbers (see email below) if you want to join discussions.


    The way Seedcamp works this year has changed. All teams for the final Seedcamp week will have come through one of the mini-Seedcamps which have been running all over Europe.

    The last of these is the London Mini-Seedcamp:


    So if you want to apply now is the time. I know at least one team from Scotland is (more…)

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