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I’m at Startup Weekend London and have joined a team called Gameippy! We’re trying to build a startup in one weekend and could do with some support in terms of feedback, twitter follows (@gameippy) and facebook ‘likes’.  I’ll be posting updates on Startupcafe and on our twitter throughout the weekend – any feedback or messages of support will be gratefully received!

Gameippy.com is a portal where consumers can find fun games to play to win discounts and prizes from their favourite brands!

It is also a platform for brands to engage innovatively with consumers and deliver promotions through mobile games.

Why should brands use our platform as opposed to only their website?

  • For exposure to a greater audience than just those that would normally visit their websites
  • To cultivate goodwill with customers by engaging with them in a fun and rewarding way
  • Players will be able to share the games they like with their friends
  • Players can rate games resulting in rankings that show companies how they are performing
  • Companies will be able to ‘feature’ their games

Wanted: we need some feedback from companies, and agencies who are responsible for delivering campaigns for big brands.  Please spend 60 seconds to answer a few questions:


Thanks folks!  🙂

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IGDA Scotland is a meetup for games developers and people in the general gaming industry.

Their next meetup is going to be next Wed (I know, it’s on the same night as Glasgow Techmeetup and an E-Club event as well). It’s going to be at Three Sisters down on Cowgate.

The presenter is Chris Wright, CEO of the new Edinburgh startup Game Analytics.

You can get tickets here: http://igdascotlandedinburgh.eventbrite.com/

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