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A few weeks ago I went to see Richard Reed give a talk at the London Metropolitan University where he kindly shared some of his experience with us in the form of five lessons. Lessons one and two were posted a couple weeks ago, and the rest are here.

Lesson 3: It’s all about the people

If after a while you find that someone is just not pulling their weight after you’ve given them opportunity after opportunity to shape up – then you’ve got to let them go.  What if you can’t find someone to replace them?  “I’d rather have a hole than an assh*le” is the (more…)

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Last week I went to see Richard Reed, founder and CEO of Innocent Drinks give a talk at the London Metropolitan University.  If you ever get the opportunity to see him then I’d recommend it.  He’s a fairly entertaining presenter and I enjoyed myself immensely.

Lesson 1: Have a mission that works

Reed himself makes a hobby out of collecting / identifying missions.  He says that to be successful you need to serve a simple, unifying mission.  It’s important to be clear on why you are here.

I wonder, does this sound like something you’ve heard before?  Why do people say the same thing over and over again at these events? Maybe because this lesson is TRUE and though it’s simple, it’s one that most of us find difficult to achieve!  Reed provides this as an example of a company (called Longaberger) that truly understands the reason for its existence: (more…)

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