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Last week, we featured local service Kwwika (home of the real time web). Phil mentioned that they were running a competition at the time, where developers were encouraged to write a World Cup app using the Kwwika API. The winnders were announced a few days ago … (drumroll please …)

Aaron Bassett and Gergely Orosz for their apps respectively: World Cup Mash and Tweet for Your Team.

Aaron blogged and commented about his experiences of being in the competition here. Both Aaron and Gergely will recieve a brand new shiney iPad.

[Kwwika competition winner announcement]

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Last week, our victim for the 60 second interview was Phil Leggetter from Kwwika (pronounced “Quicker”). Phil was an ex-Londoner but is now living the the beautiful seaside of Broughty Ferry by Dundee. I caught up with Phil to find out more in-depth what Kwwika is and what problem it helps to solve.


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This week’s 60 second interview is from Phil Leggetter. Phil recently launched Kwwika, which allows you to publish real-time data easily. Kwwika is currently running a competition to win an iPad, using data from the current world cup. Go check it out!

Whats your Startup/Business?

Kwwika. It’s the real-time web. Delivered.

Give us your company culture in 3 words:

Flexible, honest, exciting

Whats the next big challenge or hurdle that the company has to overcome? (more…)

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