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Imagine if Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter were locked in a cage; force-fed haggis; made to watched Braveheart on loop and wore tartan kilts, then the result would be Kiltr.

Kiltr, a social network for Scottish professionals, aims to help Scotland based professionals and overseas Scots to network together.


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habits3We often wonder about the habits that lead to entrepreneurial success and as it’s Global Entrepreneurship Week, this is probably a very good time indeed to consider adopting new good habits and identifying/disposing of bad ones!

So this week we are asking “Which good habit  do you hope to develop soon in your quest to become a successful entrepreneur?” (more…)

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meerkatsIt’s about time we posted another Roundtable discussion!  This week we are asking: What wacky marketing campaign has amused or annoyed you lately?  There are truckloads to choose from, aren’t there?!  So let’s begin…

Jess: While Apple and Verizon have gotten flack for recent ads poking fun at their competitors, I must admit I am enjoying the bitchiness. I converted from PC to Mac two years ago after the (more…)

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Is live music your thing, or does Spotify satisfy? Yeah, that's a real pic of Rihanna =)We all waited in suspense to get Apple’s verdict on the Spotify app and sighed with relief after it was finally accepted into the iPhone app store last week. Well, some of us were looking forward to a good battle, but it was a nice outcome nonetheless. The decision proved highly popular as Spotify became the top free app in the iTunes store within 48 hours of its release. The catch that it can only be used by subscribers, however, has raised complaints from folks objecting to paying £10 per month (sorry, that’s the going model…). In light of the Spotify/Apple drama and Napster closing down earlier this summer, we ask the question:

How do you currently consume music and how will it change in the future?

Bela: I think I’m slightly behind with the way that I consume music.  I watch music channels on TV and I (more…)

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So many events, I actually wound up asking for orange juiceThe previous week was absolutely packed with tech and business events (Events Menu here for a recap), and unless you completely abandoned all other obligations including sleep, you probably didn’t catch them all. Luckily for you, we were running around spastically to fit in quite a few… So in order to keep you in the loop, we thought we’d each share which event we liked most and what interesting things we took away with us. Our highlights below, but if you had a different favourite, add your thoughts too!

Thomas: Last week, we were lucky to be invited at RunRev’s annual conference, organised this year in Edinburgh at the Dynamic Earth. Three words: what a venue! I went to a number of events there before, but they topped everything (more…)

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High speed trainsLast week, Network Rail proposed a high speed rail line linking several major UK cities together costing £35 billion. If it goes ahead, the Edinburgh-London journey time would only be 2 hours and 9 minutes! This week, we want to discuss whether the proposed plans will have a significant impact on startups.

Thomas: I can’t wait to see it actually happen. Coming from France, I am of course a supporter of high speed rails links, as I’ve seen them expand across the Channel. The Paris to Lyon link is one of the most profitable routes for the SNCF, the company running trains in France. The route is mostly used by commuters, who travel between the two cities (more…)

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Friendly networking chat at the VIP dinner following Engage Invest Exploit - Sacha, Ewan, Nigel, and an unidentified suspect... surely their business conversations were tasteful, not tackyFor this week’s roundtable discussion, we have chosen to answer – when is it appropriate or inappropriate to pitch your business?

Are there hard and fast rules to apply when it comes to pitching/selling? When is it acceptable to talk about your company and when is it not?

Bela: Please don’t pitch to me in lieu of actual conversation!  I attend lots of talks and events, and yes they do provide opportunities to network but that doesn’t mean it is appropriate to ‘work the room’ by trying to sell. (more…)

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