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On Thursday, half of the Startup Cafe team were en route to London to attend the Launch 48 showcase. Jess, Hilary and I were heading down to do general networking with the London startup crowd. Joining us were Sam Collins from Bloop; Stuart Roebuck from ProInnovate and Alex Cole from Peekabu.

I thought that since we were in the same place, it would be a perfect time for an update on how the companies are doing …

Jess Williamson (TenBu Technologies):. “We’ve launched a new generation of the product and have secured distribution partners in 8 countries. We’re also working hard in getting into the U.S. Our new product got write-ups in Engadget and Gadling last week which was really exciting! Also, we got asked for a nio to guard the enigma machine, so hopefully we can keep Britain’s secret safe in the 21st Century!”


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