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On Thursday, half of the Startup Cafe team were en route to London to attend the Launch 48 showcase. Jess, Hilary and I were heading down to do general networking with the London startup crowd. Joining us were Sam Collins from Bloop; Stuart Roebuck from ProInnovate and Alex Cole from Peekabu.

I thought that since we were in the same place, it would be a perfect time for an update on how the companies are doing …

Jess Williamson (TenBu Technologies):. “We’ve launched a new generation of the product and have secured distribution partners in 8 countries. We’re also working hard in getting into the U.S. Our new product got write-ups in Engadget and Gadling last week which was really exciting! Also, we got asked for a nio to guard the enigma machine, so hopefully we can keep Britain’s secret safe in the 21st Century!”


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Our 60 second interview this week is with Sam Collins from Loud Street Ltd. Loud Street’s first product is Bloop, a tool for helping people meet other interesting people at meetings and events.

Sam originally graduated in 2009 with a MEng in Civil and Fire Engineering, but quickly discovered that civil engineering wasn’t his calling. He’s worked with Yadster and Loc8 Solutions before setting up his own startup – Loud Street Limited. Sam was also the co-founder of Techmeetup. (more…)

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The spotlight was on Edinburgh this week for a US radio show covering entrepreneurs. The BusinessMakers Show recently paid us a visit to investigate the entrepreneurial activity in our lovely capital and speak with a handful of local startups. [listen to interview online here]

Russ Capper – one of the hosts of The BusinessMakers Show – flew over from sunny Houston, Texas, where the show is based. Previous guests on the show have included Steve Wozniak of Apple, Malcolm Gladwell (author of The Tipping Point), and Carly Fiorina (former CEO of Hewlett-Packard)… so I’ll just let you conclude what great success lies in our futures.

I filled Russ in on why Edinburgh is so awesome, life at the exciting startup TenBu Technologies, and of course StartupCafe. You may notice I was caught off guard when he asked ‘So what do you do in your spare time?’. (more…)

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