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Happy Global Entrepreneurship Week everybody! Yes, 15th-21st of November is Global Entrepreneurship Week – “Make a job, Don’t take a job!” As it happens, there are lots of events to celebrate 🙂

Tuesday 16th November: Launch Lab – The Future, 9am at RenRoc (89-91 Montgomery)

The Launch Lab is a weekly session geared toward anyone who owns or is starting their own business. A highly varied group of energetic, intelligent people gather to exchange ideas, share critiques and encouragement, and feed each others’ vitality. The organiser of this group has just been hired (yay!) and therefore tomorrow’s event will be networking and also discussing the future and how we can take Launch Lab further by evening/future events.

Tuesday 16th November: iTunes makes a big announcement, 3pm

Any fun guesses? … (more…)

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Congratulations to our own Kate Ho of Interface3 for winning 1st place in the SMART Multitouch Application Contest. Kate’s submission of a new musical game Chromabeats was declared the winner this evening in the global competition.

The challenge was to design and build a multi-touch application for the child education market, which turned out to be a very involved task. Bringing onboard a few interns to help in the early stages, Kate started by speaking with school teachers to identify unmet needs that a multitouch app might be able to address.

I nosily watched the application take shape, and Kate walked (or rather, flew) the team through the stages of rapid prototyping. Apparently it worked! (more…)

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The spotlight was on Edinburgh this week for a US radio show covering entrepreneurs. The BusinessMakers Show recently paid us a visit to investigate the entrepreneurial activity in our lovely capital and speak with a handful of local startups. [listen to interview online here]

Russ Capper – one of the hosts of The BusinessMakers Show – flew over from sunny Houston, Texas, where the show is based. Previous guests on the show have included Steve Wozniak of Apple, Malcolm Gladwell (author of The Tipping Point), and Carly Fiorina (former CEO of Hewlett-Packard)… so I’ll just let you conclude what great success lies in our futures.

I filled Russ in on why Edinburgh is so awesome, life at the exciting startup TenBu Technologies, and of course StartupCafe. You may notice I was caught off guard when he asked ‘So what do you do in your spare time?’. (more…)

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