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Am I old fashioned for thinking that you should read stuff before sharing it online?

It is easy for people to share links to articles that they haven’t even READ! And it’s about to become even easier….

Buffer’s new product, Daily, is basically Tinder for Content.  Swipe to the right to share. Swipe to the left to skip. ( Tinder, for those who don’t know, is a popular dating app).

Sounds great for quantity but (more…)

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I tweeted a couple of thoughts last week about social networks and these caught the eye of creative Dave Black of Black Arts. There’s a lot of pressure for businesses to get to grips with the variety of social media ‘out there’ and embrace them all!  But is that the right thing to do?  Dave says (with a few edits from me):

“Social media and networks are pretty exciting and new – sort of. Talking isn’t really new. In fact, what “social” media do is model and facilitate existing ways of communicating and make them global. For example,

  • Twitter is the little comments and chats we have between our larger, more serious conversations.
  • Email is a letter – formal and private.
  • Facebook is meeting your mates in a pub where you all chat but other people can overhear you.
  • StartupCafe is a cafe – it’s chatty and informal, just as it should be. (more…)

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Our guest blog post today comes from Rachel Lane – currently a digital planner at Blonde. Rachel and I were talking about the challenges of managing Twitter, Blogging and general social media in a personal and business capacity whilst catching up last week. Comments below please!

Perhaps it has been the level of tactical detail bolted to social strategy commissions; perhaps it’s the vacuous social networking research which gets crowd-surfed around Twitter or perhaps it’s the pressure to maintain numerous social profiles, but I am so over social media.

It’s frustrating that a territory so fundamentally about people and human behaviours gets shrink-wrapped as a web technology. We haven’t changed how we communicate; we’ve just got more flexibility in communication channels. The flow of words may increase or decrease depending whether they travel by landline, mobile, call, text, instant message, tweet, Facebook message, email, letter … but the dialogue structure is pretty consistent.


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Distributed Denial of Tatties

Distributed Denial of Tatties

Over the last few months, there have been a number of hashtag campaigns on Twitter. The general goal is to encourage other users to use the tag often enough that it appears in the list of “trending topics” every user sees, which should raise awareness of the cause. Some of these are trivial, like the recent #songsincode or the slightly older #quantickstesticles but several seem to be aiming for higher things. The #iranelection tag was pervasive at the beginning of summer, helping to spread the news of events as they happened in Iran, but it also acted as a platform for western supporters to protest against the behaviour of the Iranian government. More recently, in reaction to conservative American FUD about death panels and severe criticism of the NHS, the (more…)

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