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Our 60 second interviews are designed as a way for people within the Edinburgh community to find out about each other.

This week’s interviewee is Craig McKenna. As an experienced business developer who has in excess of 12 years top level business development behind him, Craig uses this knowledge to help other businesses grow. A highly ambitious and motivated entrepreneur he is always looking to push businesses forward.

What’s your startup? 

The Growth Academy

Who/what inspired you to go down this road?
Whilst running another company it became apparent that there was no cost effective but structured mentoring support for small businesses which aren’t funded.


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I always describe Natali Chanany as a little woman with a BIG personality, and of those who’ve met her, I think few would disagree!

Given that we first met at iCUE, a junior enterprise at the University of Edinburgh, I’m not surprised that her interest in entrepeneurism and passion for startups led her to become involved in Scottish startup Van Der. This online fashion startup launched at the end of November 2010 and caught my attention as a result of some marketing activity powered by this wk’s 60 Second interviewee.

Name: Natali Chanany

Your role: Press and Social Media Marketing for Van Der

How old is Van Der? Just under a year.

What’s the next big challenge that Van Der has to overcome?  (more…)

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Let’s give a nice warm welcome to the lovely Diana Proca!  Some of you may recognise her from Launch48, an entrepreneurial events company that organises weekends which bring together designers, developers and business folk with the aim of launching a business in 48hours!  Most of the StartupCafe folk have participated and loved these events, so much so that Jess and Hilary helped organise the first Launch48 event in Edinburgh a few months ago.  Anyway, Diana has kindly given up a few moments of her time to share some of her experiences, offer some advice to startups and reveal a guilty pleasure…

Name: Diana Proca

Your role: Events Manager at Launch48

Give us your company culture in 3 words: enthusiastic, energetic, positive

How old is Launch48? Two years

Based on your experience of startups that are formed during Launch48, what are the most common / most repeated mistakes? (List 3 max)

1. being too enthusiastic but only for a short period of time
2. bad level of communication within the team
3. sticking to the initial vision and lack of flexibility

What’s the next big challenge that Launch48 has to overcome? (more…)

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This week’s willing victim (I mean entrepreneur!) is final year student Gregor Wilson who is also the CFO and Partner of VAN DER, a small startup that will launch next week!  I posted an article about the company a couple of days ago.  If you haven’t had enough of a fix of VAN DER news then you’re in the right place to consume a wee bit more!

Name:  Gregor Wilson

Your role: CFO and Partner of VAN DER.

Give us your company culture in 3 words: Fashion-focussed, affordable, passionate

What’s the next big challenge that Van Der has to overcome? Expanding next season to include womenswear and a jeans line – (Startupcafe: I’m looking forward to the womenswear range!)

What’s the personal dream? To live a working lifestyle that I never want to give up, rather than having a ‘job’, and help others do the same –(StartupCafe: bit like us then!)

What’s the professional dream? To rival and surpass the major players on the highstreet and online. (more…)

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This week, our 60 second interview is with Jane-Ann Purdy from GeordieMac Electronic Publishing. Jane-Anne started her writing and editing career after finishing her degree in Film and Media studies back in 1989. Since then, she’s gone on to work for national newspapers and magazines before working for a number of corporate clients. Recently, she has started up GeordieMac – an electronic publishing house – which focuses on publishing interactive magazines. Jane-Ann has also been helping the startupcafe team putting our forthcoming newspaper together!


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In our familiar 60 second interview this week, we’re interviewing Douglas Holmes, co-founder at Mobius Digital. Doug completed a BSc in Computer Science and A.I. at Edinburgh University last year. Since then he’s worked as a market researcher in a local startup before embarking with two other people to build Mobius Digital. Mobius advises businesses on how to use social media to achieve their business goals. You can find them on twitter as @mobiusdigital.

What’s the name of your startup?

Mobius Digital. We are an internet marketing company specialising in social media.

Give us your company culture in 3 words:

Business-focussed, metrics-driven, and honest. (more…)

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Gordon Guthrie (Hypernumbers) made an appearance on StartupCafe recently when he spoke to us about magic!   This week, as our 60 second interviewee, he will speak about himself.  Hypernumbers has a mission – to make web programming easy for non-programmers, by allowing us to use an interface we’re already familiar with… the spreadsheet!  Now let’s meet the man behind the mission.

What’s your startup, and your role? CEO/CTO at Hypernumbers (more…)

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